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A blimp balloon is the retro, what was old is new again, method to attract attention without being obnoxious.

Try a blimp balloon to increase the visibility of your business or event and see your traffic soar!

These advertising blimps really work.

Blimp Balloon - 14 ft. helium blimp

Blimp Balloon - 14 ft. helium blimp

We manufacture blimp balloons in the USA.

We have hundreds of blimp balloons in stock and can custom make a blimp just the way you want it.

Blimp Balloon - Advertising blimp with logo

We use only the highest quality USA made materials, including polyurethane, not PVC. PVC is a known carcinogen.

Please call us at 1-800-791-1445 for information on a blimp balloon.

Email us at

Giant Balloons Get Business

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Giant Balloons Get Great Results

If bigger is better then Giant Balloons must be grander!! A giant advertising balloon in the sky is much like a huge thumb tack on the map marking the spot. Potential customers can see a giant helium balloon from miles away. That was the idea behind the search lights, but they give a negative message of searching for a plane in distress. Quite the opposite is true for balloons. Helium balloons mark special and joyous occasions like birthday parties and the birth of a new baby, Businesses want to use balloons to not only draw in customers, but they want to create a circus atmosphere of fun and good times. Creating a fun environment and a lasting memory will also enhance repeat business.

Giant Balloon - 17.5 ft. helium balloonGiant Balloon – 17.5 ft. helium balloon

Emotional feelings can cause a person to buy. A boat is not necessarily a work vehicle and a convertible isn’t built for long trips for business, yet people purchase these items based solely on the joy and happiness it gives and the feeling it gave to them that day of their purchase. Some remorseful boat purchasers often say the two best days of boat ownership is the day you purchase and the day you sell it. Meaning simply the good feeling that day was what prompted the boat purchase. Boat selection and decisions are often made outside in the open air that’s also where you may find a giant balloon. Sunshine, blue skies and a huge balloon what better day to buy something.

Giant 25 ft. advertising balloonGiant 25 ft. advertising balloon

Call 1-800-791-1445 for giant balloons.

Email us at

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Promotions with Blimp Balloons

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Promoting Your Product With a Blimp Balloon.

Blimp balloons are a time-tested method of unique advertising for your product or service. The blimp shape has been synonymous with advertising since the first commercial blimp flew across the United States with a corporate logo on it. If you can picture that logo, you know how effective this form of advertising is. Of course, very few companies need to charter an actual blimp. Small-scale blimp shaped balloons ranging from 10 to 30 feet long are perfect for most advertising needs and can generate excitement and sales with a relatively small investment.

11 ft. Advertising Blimp with logo - $725.0011 ft. Advertising Blimp with logo – $725.00

Aerial advertising is a vibrant media that is far more dramatic than flat, one-dimensional signage. Using blimp balloons to promote your product at a trade show, fair or expo will enable your logo to be seen from a distance and attract people’s interest. Smaller blimp balloons can be placed strategically around your exhibit, or carried by company representatives who can then hand out literature, advertising items, or even coupons to promote sales. Using advertising blimps at sponsorship events, grand openings, parades, job fairs, and other events where thousands of people gather can draw people to your product, giving you an advantage over your competition. Hundreds of people repeatedly viewing your company logo on a blimp can result in thousands of visual impressions that you can use to your advantage, especially if your company’s URL (website address) or phone number is prominently displayed and easy to read.

14ft. advertising blimp with lettering - $1031.0014ft. advertising blimp with lettering – $1031.00

Advertising blimps are an effective way to promote your product wherever large crowds of people gather. If you want to generate a crowd, blimps can also be used to promote a grand opening, a special sale, or to introduce a new product line. Colorful, catchy and unique blimps that draw people’s vision above eye-level never fail to get their attention.

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