A blimp balloon is the retro, what was old is new again, method to attract attention without being obnoxious.

Try a blimp balloon to increase the visibility of your business or event and see your traffic soar!

These advertising blimps really work.

Blimp Balloon - 14 ft. helium blimp

Blimp Balloon - 14 ft. helium blimp

We manufacture blimp balloons in the USA.

We have hundreds of blimp balloons in stock and can custom make a blimp just the way you want it.

Blimp Balloon - Advertising blimp with logo

We use only the highest quality USA made materials, including polyurethane, not PVC. PVC is a known carcinogen.

Please call us at 1-800-791-1445 for information on a blimp balloon.

Email us at advertisingballoons@gmail.com